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Garage Cleanout in Clarendon Hills, IL

Garage Cleanout in Clarendon Hills, IL

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Garage Cleanout in Clarendon Hills, IL Garage Cleanout in Clarendon Hills, IL

No matter the amount, we can haul away whatever you're looking to get rid of!

Furniture Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

Furniture Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

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Furniture Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL Furniture Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

Even these big couches, we are able to move them easily and donate them when they are in good condition so another family can enjoy it. 

Junk Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

Junk Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

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Junk Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL Junk Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

Whether you have a whole house or a few items, we can help take away anything you need to get rid of!

Professional Estate Cleanout & Junk Removal in Dupage, IL

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Dupage County’s leading junk removal company

The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs is Dupage County, IL’s dependable junk removal company. We offer countless services, including appliance removal, estate cleanouts, and curbside junk removal for your convenience. Why should you partner with us for your junk removal needs? We are committed to providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable junk removal services. That means you won’t have to worry about where your unwanted items will end up. Take a look at the services we offer in Dupage County:

  • Junk removal
  • Appliance removal
  • Attic, garage & basement cleanouts
  • Curbside junk pickup
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Commercial junk removal
  • E-waste recycling
  • Hoarding cleanouts
  • Labor only services
  • Storage unit cleanouts
  • Storm & disaster cleanup

Are you seeking a speedy, trustworthy junk removal contractor dedicated to sustainability? Look no further than The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs, we have got you covered. Contact us today at 1-844-325-8384 or complete the provided form to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Dupage County, IL.

E-waste recycling professionals serving Dupage County

One of the many services we offer at The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs is e-waste recycling. A lot of our clients contact us when they just aren’t sure how to dispose of their old electronics. Luckily, our Luggers excel in e-waste recycling. We work hard to donate, recycle, or otherwise ethically dispose of your unwanted technology. We maintain EPA regulations and put your e-waste to good use. No more worrying about your electronics rotting away in a local landfill! Check out some of the items we’ll haul below:

  • Computers
  • Video game systems
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • And other electronics

You can count on The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs for your e-waste recycling and junk removal needs. Give us a call at 1-844-325-8384 or simply click below to schedule your free junk removal estimate in Dupage County, IL.

Job Stories From Dupage County, IL
Helping Clean Out Family Home in West Chicago, IL

After the unfortunate passing of a family member, the family needed help getting items that were no-longer wanted cleaned out of the home. Each room of the house had "stuff" needing to go (even in the garage), and we arrived ready and able to clean them out quickly. After a few hours, we had the house removed of all unwanted items and were able to help the family during a stressful time. They were able to celebrate their family member's life without worrying about getting their home cleaned out.

Estate Clean Out in Bloomingdale, IL

After a loss in the family, customers needed help cleaning out Mom's estate. We helped give them an idea of cost early on with a no-obligations estimate and the next week when they called asking if we could set up an appointment to get the job done, we were out there the next day loading up the trucks. We understand the stress and emotions during a family loss and make it our mission to help you clean out an estate stress-free and with empathy. 

Helping Prepare for Move in Wood Dale, IL

A customer called looking for help clearing her home before a big move. We provided an estimate the customer agreed with and helped her clear out her space in a matter of no time. We hauled away items including bed frames, dressers, patio furniture, household items, books, and more! She was able to complete the rest of her move without the stress of her unwanted junk. 

Furniture Removal in Carol Stream, IL

A customer called and asked us if we would be able to take away her old furniture before the new furniture arrived. She said she would be okay if she had to go a few days without any furniture, we did one better and came the morning her new furniture was set to arrive and took it away so she only had to endure a few hours without and living room seating. We worked with her schedule and made the process as easy and stress-free as possible!

Moving Clean Out in Wheaton, IL

A customer was moving and needed help getting her affairs in order quickly. Not only her time limited due to her move-out date, but also because of her work. We worked with her to find a time that worked perfectly with her schedule and arrived on-time and ready to help relieve some stress. Two hours later we left with a full truck and a lot less work for our customer to do in preparing for her move!

Unusual Junk Removal in Bartlett, IL!

A customer had called us towards the end of the week looking to have an unusual item removed. She had recently had a tree removed in her yard, and the tree removal company left behind a large pile of ground-down tree stump. The homeowner was frustrated and wanted the pile removed. The job was just a bit too difficult to tackle herself. We scheduled an appointment for the next afternoon and came out and completed the job in no time. Although the materials seemed a bit "odd" we were happy to help with clean up. In the end the ground down stump was taken to a materials facility where it will be added to other ground-down wood waste to make mulch!

Commercial Junk Removal in Itasca, IL

Bill W. needed help cleaning out the basement of a community church on a busy day. When we arrived at the job, it was multiple truckloads worth of decluttering, much more than we had anticipated. Our schedule for that day didn't allow enough time to complete the work in one appointment, but the customer was flexible enough to allow us to come back the next morning to finish up. We arrived on-site at 8 am the next day, ready to finish up. In the end, we were able to get the basement completely cleaned out and ready for new possibilities.

Downsizing Estate Cleanout in Addison, IL

A customer called us needing help cleaning out their parent's home as they downsized. This required nearly half of the items currently in the home to be hauled away. We had previously taken a ride to the residence in question to estimate the scope of the work in question. On the day of the appointment, the crew arrived with all the tools, knowledge, and enthusiasm necessary to complete the job in a timely matter. Although it took the better part of a day to complete the job in full, by the end the home remained virtually empty and just about ready to put onto the market. Within a week we were able to provide the customer with tax-deductible receipts for the items we were able to donate. Being able to help relieve stress during chaotic times is what we do best!

Storm and Disaster Cleanup in Addison, IL

After a burst pipe in the basement, homeowners Lisa & Greg reached out needing help removing damaged and destroyed items from their home. Working side by side with the restoration company hired to repair drywall and removing the carpeting, we came in and hauled away all the furniture and household items ruined by water damage. Although the majority of items were left in too poor condition to donate, we worked hard to make sure that anything able to be recycled was done so properly. Even though the flood damaged lots of the customer's belongings, we still wanted to do our best to make sure we kept things out of the landfill.

Storage Unit Cleanout in Addison, IL

Our customer Chris, a tenant at a storage facility needed to have his unit cleaned out before the end of the week, otherwise he would be forced to pay another month's rent. Wanting to keep only a few items, he called us for help disposing of the rest of the "junk" filling his 10x25 unit. A day later, we were out there, after Chris got off work, to help him sort and empty the unit. Most of the items were able to be donated to a local charity partner, who provided Chris with a tax-deductible receipt for his items. We were able to help Chris empty his storage unit in a flash, and provide the storage company with a unit, empty and ready for rental.

Estate Cleanout AND Junk Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

When our customer Nancy called us, needing an estimate for the items leftover from her estate sale, we were more than happy to come out. We gave her pricing, scheduled the appointment, and arrived on the weekend with a full crew ready to empty what was left! We were not only able to empty the residence but to also donate the majority of the items that were removed from her home. We left an empty house ready for new residents and on our way out, put a Junkluggers yard sign at the end of the street. Turns out, the new residents that moved in needed junk removal service too, because only a couple weeks later we received a call looking for someone to come and pick up some leftover moving materials and furniture they decided not to keep! Imagine our amusement when we realized it was the same house! From one homeowner to the next, we're here to keep your space in tip-top shape!

Unconventional Junk Removal in the form of a Deck in Roselle, IL

When John contacted The Junkluggers he was looking for help getting his deck removed. Although it was new for us, we accepted the challenge and got right to work! Armed with our tools and a good attitude, we arrived on-site the day of the appointment and dismantled John's deck in a matter of hours. The best part? John was satisfied with the work and all the lumber we hauled away was recycled into sawdust and woodchips. That's a win-win!

Unconventional Junk Removal in the form of a Deck in Roselle, IL - Photo 1
Storm and Disaster Cleanup in Bensenville, IL

As a junk removal company, we have the ability to partner with other businesses that often need help getting rid of items for customers or clients. A local restoration company called looking for help removing items and trash left behind in an abandoned rental unit. They needed this done before they could begin work on the remodel for the property manager. The next day we arrived to help the contractor haul away trash, carpet, kitchen cabinets and the small amount of construction debris that had accumulated so far. Both the contractor and the property manager were ecstatic to be able to start their work and turn the unit around even faster.

Estate Cleanout in Bensenville, IL

Our customer Thomas called us needing help cleaning out a parent's home as they prepared to move them into assisted living. Given the decades of accumulation of both furniture and "stuff", there was quite a bit of work to be done. We were able to ensure extra time to organize any miscellaneous items that still needed to be packed up, and within our two-hour window, we were able to load up the entire list of items to be hauled away. Which included 2 sofas, end tables, dressers, a dining table and chairs, a coffee table, bookcase, and a twin bed including the box spring and frame, along with some boxes of miscellaneous housewares. Thomas ended up calling us again a few months later for help with another job at his home!

Heavy Safe Successfully Removed in Bensenville, IL

One of our first jobs upon opening at our Chicago NW Suburbs Junkluggers was an entire basement cleanout. In the basement, the homeowner had a large safe. When we inquired as to whether the safe was being removed that day, the homeowner said no, but that he would "need it removed at some point". A few months later he called again, ready to have the safe removed. The crew that had done the first job for this customer returned, armed with the tools and knowledge -and a few extra luggers- ready to haul the beast up the stairs. The extra muscle did the trick! Within a half-hour, the safe was out of the basement and successfully loaded into the back of our truck.

Garage and Basement Cleanout in Winfield, IL

Beverly had some miscellaneous junk lying around in her garage and basement she was looking to get rid of. She gave us a call after seeing one of our street signs out near where she buys her groceries. We went to her home in Winfield on the day she requested and removed everything she told us she didn't want anymore. We were able to donate almost everything she gave us, and we sent her a donation receipt within a few days.

2 Bedroom Estate Cleanout in Windfield, IL

Maria needed help cleaning out her 2 bedroom condo before moving. Finding us in a Google search, she called and set up an estimate-only appointment. After the estimate was completed, we scheduled a time the following week to come and help her remove all her items. Although Maria was sad to see some of her items go, she was pleased to know they would be going to someone who could find use out of them again. And that we did, almost all of the items and furniture removed from Maria's home was dropped off at a local donation center.

Shed Cleanout in Winfield, IL

Richard had junk in his shed he wanted to get rid of. He called after seeing one of our ads online and checking out our website. We went to his home in Winfield and were happy to remove everything he asked!

Furniture Removal in Glendale Heights, IL

Kathleen wanted to clear out a bunch of old furniture from her home in Glendale Heights. She found our company on the internet and decided to reach out to us. We came out to her home as soon as possible and hauled away anything she told us to, including a few old mattresses and a sectional couch from the basement.

Furniture Removal & Decluttering in Medinah, IL

After being referred to The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs, Renata called our office and was able to set up an appointment for furniture removal and decluttering for that same day. After arriving at her home in Medinah, our Luggers provided her with a free onsite quote to remove boxes of kitchen items, an old bedroom set, a book shelf and an old TV. All of the items were able to be donated, and the old TV was taken to an electronics recycling center.

Estate Cleanout in Medinah, IL

Allysa wanted to get her aunt's apartment cleaned out including furniture and all the other miscellaneous items left behind, including clothing and kitchen items. She found us online and decided we would be a good fit for the job. We came out to Medinah in no time and hauled away a bunch of furniture including an entire living room set, and were able to donate everything we hauled away.

Bedroom Set Furniture Removal in Medinah, IL

Rick had a bedroom set in his home in Medinah he was having replaced, but the furniture company wouldn't take away his old one. He found our company online and decided to hire us to get rid of the set the morning his new set was scheduled to be delivered. We came out to his home and hauled away the bedroom set in no time. We were able to donate the entire set at the local donation center.

Attic & Basement Cleanout in Wayne, IL

Ryan had a bunch of "junk" collected in both his basement and attic space and decided to get help clearing it all out. He saw our large green truck passing through town and decided to give us a call. We came out to his home in Wayne and hauled away a number of things including furniture and boxes of books and magazines. 

Furniture Removal in Wayne, IL

Chelsea and Rob had some old patio furniture that was taking up space in their yard and shed and wanted to clear it all out. Rob saw one of our yard signs and decided to call us to take care of the old furniture. We came out to their home in Wayne and loaded up everything they didn't want, we even took a few things from the garage, too! Since the patio furniture was pretty badly rusted we weren't able to take it to a donation center, but we were able to take it to a local metal recycling center!

Closing Date Junk Removal in Wayne, IL

Elaine was moving out of her home in Wayne and needed to have several items that she decided not to take removed before her closing the next day. She found The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs on Nextdoor and gave us a call to set up an appointment for removal if she agreed to the free no-obligations quote. We guaranteed to send out two of our fully trained and insured Luggers and let her know that they would remove all of the items from anywhere in the home. Even the third floor!

Furniture Removal in Glendale Heights, IL

Katie in Glendale Heights needed to have some furniture removed from her home. She was referred to us. We went out to her home on the same day she called and removed a couch, lounger, chair, and a mattress.

Mattress Removal in Glendale Heights, IL

After seeing our bright green company vehicle around town, Mary Beth called The Junkluggers of Chicago NW Suburbs to set up an appointment. She had a king-size mattress at her home in Glendale Heights that she needed to have hauled away. Since they are so heavy, she couldn't remove it herself, but our Luggers could. Our team of two professionals gave her the price for removal and hauled it away, and brought it straight to the recycling center.

Declutter in Warrenville, IL

This past Valentine's Day Julie was looking to have her house decluttered. Our team was able to come out and help her declutter. Now she has a nice clutter house. Sounds like a Happy Valentine's Day to us! 

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